The aim of Pre-Prep is to give each girl the very best possible start to their school life within a happy and secure environment. Pupils evolve social skills by mixing with other children, and they begin to adapt to the routines of school life, and acquire basic knowledge of reading, writing and numeracy. Their minds are also opened to a wide range of subjects and activities including music, PE, drama, information and communication technology (ICT) and art. Above all, they discover the challenge of learning and the satisfaction of achievement.

We believe that Pre-Prep provides the perfect bridge from nursery to full-time school.

The first major intake point into the school is at age 3 years, into our Pre-Prep. Each year, we have places for up to 36 girls, split between two classes; girls can start with us at any point in the term that they turn 3 years. There is no specific entrance assessment for girls joining us at this stage; places are offered where parents wish their daughter's education to continue at Bowdon Prep through to Year 6.

Many girls attend Pre-Prep full time; however, some girls attend on a part-time basis, either mornings only or a reduced number of full days.

Bowdon Prep has been granted exemption from the Early Years Foundation Scheme.

We are currently full in Pre-Prep, but places occur occasionally from time to time.