Developing a positive attitude from a young age will help to create a lifelong thirst and passion for learning.

We have a commitment to a broad and innovative curriculum that encourages active learning. Following on from Kindergarten, the girls move forward into Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes; here the curriculum becomes more structured and learning more formalised. Group work and whole class work continues with a focus on individual needs and progress. Thoughout Infants there is a strong emphasis on English and maths, and the girls read every day. A creative thematic approach aims to inspire and enthuse; this promotes connections, builds confidence and raises self-esteem, which enable children to grow in independence and to develop in knowledge, skills and understanding. Thus a strong balance is maintained in enhancing the academic, emotional and social intelligences.

Entry to Bowdon Preparatory School for Girls

Parents are encouraged to make an appointment with the Headmistress, when they can tour the school and get an insight into life at Bowdon Prep. Girls may be registered at any time and there is no formal assessment for entry into Infants. Please contact the school office and speak to our Admissions Officer, Mrs Sharkey on 0161 928 0678.

Prior to entry into Infants, registered girls are invited to complete a transition activity booklet and to attend a taster day. Here, they will have the opportunity to meet the other girls, experience the school, and get a feel for our unique and very special family atmosphere.

We are currently full in all Infant year groups, but places occur occasionally from time to time.