Sports Day - Sport Captains' report

I think we all agree that sports day was a great success but we could not have done it without all of the parents and staff who came and supported the girls as they ran, jumped, threw and skipped their way to victory. However, they weren’t the only ones who were being so supportive. The girls were extremely enthusiastic; they cheered and shouted and it did not matter if you won or lost.

Records were smashed by many of the girls in high lump, long jump, ball throw, skipping, hurdling and sprints. Fun was had all round. Even parents were very excited when it came their races and there was a lot of competition between them. The end result was very close as they crossed the finish line.

Thank you to the Year 6 girls, caretakers and staff who arranged all the seats, brought all the seats from the hall onto the field and back again after and of course, there has to be a huge thank you to the Parents’ Society for the refreshments which we could not have done without.

Fun was had by all but there is one more very important thank you to be said, to Mrs Hughes and Mrs Baxter who made sports day actually happen. We hope to have equal success next year with the weather and the sports.

By Charlotte and Talia

Year 6 Sports Captains

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