Year 2 Visit Ellesmere Port Boat Museum

Year 2 had a very interesting and fun trip to Ellesmere Port Boat Museum.

Heidi in 2W has written about our day:

Excitedly, I stepped off the coach holding my partner's hand. When we got off we watched a boat go on the lock. Then we looked at a canal boat with lots of lovely patterns on it. After that we went inside and did arts and crafts. I made a ribbon plate, paper lace and a painted rose tile but my favourite thing I made was a rag rug. Then we had lunch. I sat next to Heidi and Annie. All of a sudden everyone's bags were blowing out of the bin! In the afternoon we went to dress up. I dressed up as a boat girl called Sarah. In my family, the Joneses, Harriet was a boat boy, Annie was Mrs Jones and Diya was Mr Jones. After that we went inside a canal boat to see the cabin where the family lived. At the other end there was lots of cargo. Then we went back on the coach and drove back to school.