Although it is an academically successful school, Bowdon Prep is non-selective on entry in the early years and accepts girls with a range of abilities. In the early stages, pupils follow a broad, but highly structured, curriculum in which literacy and numeracy are of the highest importance.

We offer a carefully balanced education in a warm, caring, stimulating environment. Small classes ensure that each child receives a generous amount of individual attention. Our pupils are encouraged to think for themselves, to question and to debate. Classroom boundaries are often stretched through visits within the local area, and more distant excursions to venues such as museums and historical sites.

School Life

In a warm and secure environment, children learn with confidence, creativity and focus. Our teachers are committed to bringing out the best in every child. Learning and teaching are active, exciting and coherent. Teachers present subject matter in imaginative ways, in addition to more traditional teaching styles.

We encourage each child to take an interest in sports and games, music and the arts. Discovering and fostering each girl’s individual strengths and talents are the highest priorities for our teaching staff. Enquiring minds are stretched in an environment where effort, good manners, consideration for others and success are nurtured and rewarded.