Art & Design


Art offers an opportunity for personal and creative expression. We aim to develop each pupil’s individual artistic talent, giving girls a wide range of opportunities to work with a variety of materials and media.

We have a well-equipped, airy and relaxed art studio, where girls can enjoy their art lessons in a friendly and creative environment.

Pupils are taught a broad spectrum of skills and processes that are developed through drawing, painting and modelling. Art is often integrated into other topics, and used in the creation of staging and props for school productions.

We also hope to foster an appreciation and awareness of art history and art from other cultures. Above all, we hope that every pupil will develop lifelong skills for self expression through engaging in creative leisure activities.

Pupils’ artwork is displayed throughout the school; it is often outstanding, and admired by pupils, staff and visitors.

Design and Technology

Design and technology is very much a ‘hands on’ subject. Pupils learn and apply their knowledge and understanding in an exciting and stimulating programme of practical activities. They are guided to generate and develop ideas to create design proposals and clarify the details of a project. They are encouraged to use written and verbal methods to plan, evaluate and communicate their ideas and designs.

Pupils enjoy acquiring and refining the practical skills associated with making – planning, measuring, marking out, cutting and shaping, joining and combining, finishing and resolving. Pupils also apply art skills by investigating texture and colour and recording visual information.

Design and technology work is also displayed throughout the school, where it generates a lot of interest.