We aim to instil a love of reading that will enrich the lives of our pupils.

Early reading skills are taught in a structured way, using phonics and graded reading schemes, and further developed through the use of library books chosen to match the interests and ability of each pupil. Emphasis is placed on reading individually to a teacher, when new vocabulary, plots and characters can be discussed. Pupils are encouraged to practise at home each evening with their parents.

World Book Day is celebrated in costume, and our favourite books are shared in book reviews and assemblies. Visits to theatre productions, for example Private Peaceful and George’s Marvellous Medicine, enhance our studies of the author’s craft.

Our pupils can speak confidently to their peers and to adults. They are active listeners and respond appropriately.

Girls are encouraged to talk to others, and communicate their ideas clearly and ask searching questions. Speaking and listening skills are developed through paired and small-group discussions, role play, reading aloud in assemblies, class debates and special events.

Kindergarten and Prep pupils take part in concerts and productions for parents; by Year 6, girls have become articulate and confident.

We aim to teach pupils to write clearly and with confidence in any genre, using spelling rules and grammar accurately.

Writing skills are developed in conjunction with reading, from Kindergarten to the end of Infants. An awareness of audience is instilled so that writing is adapted to purpose. Value is placed on neat handwriting, careful checking and improvement. Writing for pleasure and the sharing of work are an integral part of the lessons.

The teaching of speaking and listening, and reading and writing, takes place across the whole curriculum – for example, the skill of writing an accurate report in science, a reasoned argument in personal, social and health education (PSHE), or reading for information using information and communication technology (ICT) to research a historical event.