Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology

Information and communication technology (ICT) encompasses the handling, storage and communication of information, using computers and other technology. We have excellent facilities at Bowdon Prep, and our pupils develop essential life skills in this important curriculum area.

Our ultimate aim is for girls in Year 6 to have a good grasp of the essential skills of word processing, data handling and information retrieval, the ability to communicate effectively using appropriate technology, and the confidence to explore unknown programs and utilise the key features independently.

ICT is taught as a separate subject and our computer suite is also available for use within specific subject areas, as appropriate. Pupils are taught basic skills and use a variety of applications to support work in other curriculum areas. They are encouraged to experiment with text, pictures and patterns, and compose simple musical scores using specialist software.

Children learn how to collect and display data using their own questionnaires and graphs, and enjoy organising information by means of tree diagrams, databases and spreadsheets. We also have programmable floor robots and digital cameras for use in both Infant and Junior classes.

Use of internet facilities is always supervised, and girls are made aware of simple safety guidelines to follow.