Mathematics is regarded as a subject of supreme importance for girls at Bowdon Prep. We aim to give every pupil the mastery of arithmetic that is required for adult life.

Our staff members are very experienced, and they are led by a team of subject specialist mathematics teachers. We endeavour to enthuse the girls with a love of the subject and to promote confidence, even among the least able.

Our teaching approach is traditional, rigorous, well paced and enjoyable. We expect and achieve instant recall of tables, and frequently test these and monitor progress. We do not permit the use of calculators.

We equip our pupils well to face examinations for the local grammar schools, independent schools, public schools and government Standard Assessment Tests (SATs). Our results speak for themselves.

Our aim is to challenge all girls to the limit of their ability. We enter the majority of our Year 6 girls for the UK Mathematics Trust Junior Challenge, which is open to pupils in Years 6, 7 and 8. We regularly achieve many gold, silver and bronze awards, despite the youth of our candidates.