Music is at the Heart

Music is at the heart of the girls' life at Bowdon Prep, and pupils clearly enjoy the musical opportunities we offer. At the school’s last inspection, music teaching was described as exceptional.

Music enriches the cultural life of all our pupils, and it plays a central role in preparing them for their future life by instilling confidence gained from the many performance opportunities they are given.

All girls have timetabled music lessons for one hour a week. These lessons are generally practical lessons, either singing or playing classroom instruments. As pupils progress through the school, they study some history of music, and carry out listening activities designed to help them deepen their enjoyment of music and become more analytical in their listening skills.

All girls learn to play at least one musical instrument in their time at Bowdon Prep. In addition, a number of peripatetic teachers offer tuition in a full range of instruments. Pupils all take part in a several performances in their time at the school – singing, playing an instrument or, in many cases, both. They are also encouraged to play in assemblies.

Bowdon Prep has three choirs – the Infant Choir, the Junior Choir and the Chamber Choir. We also have an orchestra, Infant and Junior string groups, a recorder group and a brass group.

There are a number of highly enjoyable concerts for parents each year, and the Chamber Choir is regularly successful in competitions and festivals.

Bowdon Prep takes part in a number of music festivals. Here girls sing ‘Can you hear me’ which they recently performed in the Alderley Edge Music Festival.