Science excites children

Science stimulates and excites children's natural curiosity about the world around them. We feel the study of science should provide enjoyment and pleasure in discovery, and give the girls confidence to approach information critically.

At Bowdon Prep we are fortunate to have specialist teachers and excellent facilities. There are two well-equipped laboratories. All the pupils receive at least an hour of science teaching each week, with a focus on learning by doing. Lessons are generally classroom or laboratory based, though we supplement formal teaching with visits and trips.

Children are eager to explore and investigate new ideas and concepts. Cooperation, perseverance, patience and learning to cope with uncertainty are important aspects of learning in science. Our pupils develop skills to carry out scientific activities in a systematic way, and we encourage critical thinking and a respect for evidence.

Pupils develop knowledge and learn to report their findings using relevant scientific vocabulary – through written and oral work and using diagrams, photographs, information and communication technology (ICT) and classroom displays. The children are also encouraged to share their enthusiasm and knowledge by taking part in school assemblies and projects. As girls move through the school they become more aware of the impact of science in the wider world, and how major scientific ideas have improved the quality of our everyday life.

Our syllabus is based broadly on the National Curriculum. When science was tested nationally at the Key Stage 2 level, our results were consistently higher than the national average.

                                                 Mad Science delivered exciting workshop sessions during Science Week.