Welcome to Infants

Throughout the Infants, the girls are supported by a team of dedicated professionals who appreciate the uniqueness of every pupil. Not everything comes naturally to children so ensuring that their experiences are rich, varied and purposeful contributes greatly to their academic and personal well-being.


Within our nurturing environment we can quickly identify their individual strengths and help them cultivate their interests. We take learning beyond the four walls of their classroom to make full use of the exceptional facilities within the school, to enable them to experience a multitude of hands-on experiences.

Inspiring Minds

While we are understandably proud of our impressive academic record, we know that long term success is built on broader qualities and values. Our most successful pupils are those who learn to be responsible, dependable and independent. Sometimes the best life lessons come from failures or learning how not to do something.

Skills for Learning

We value academic achievements very highly and pupils are proud to achieve. We want to see a girl work to the best of her ability in order to learn or grow as a person, to steward her intellect and to contribute meaningfully to others around her. We are proud of our purposeful and energetic environment in which girls grow and achieve mastery and success.

Academic Growth

Our young pupils in the Infants discover the world, make friends for life, develop skills and nurture a life-long enthusiasm for learning. For a girl to do well at school, she needs to believe in herself and have confidence, so even in areas of challenge, we take notice when the smallest of accomplishments has taken place and let her know we are proud of who she is.

Self Confidence

We strive to give parents the widest possible choice of senior schools for their daughter at the age of 11. Year on year the results of the Year 6 leavers are exceptional. In the Infants, solid foundations are built to secure future success. We aim to empower the girls to make the right choices and see the value of doing their best as it fosters an appetite for excellence in every endeavour.

Laying Foundations

Year 1

By Year 1 the children are confident and familiar with their surroundings and are aware that they've made huge progress since starting school. The curriculum includes mathematics and English, art, design and technology, history, geography, information and communication technology (ICT), French, music, religious education, PE, and personal, social and health education (PHSEE). The girls spend the majority of their day with their class teacher who teaches the core subjects and the majority of foundation subjects. Subject specialist teachers take lessons such as art, music, ICT and PE using the fantastic facilities that we have on offer.

Year 2

Once they reach Year 2, they're the oldest pupils in the school the Infants and we encourage them to take more responsibility, both in daily life and in learning – although they always have lots of support while they reach their goals. The foundations laid in the previous years prepare the girls for the introduction of the increasingly academic curriculum of Year 2. We aim to develop both core skills and enquiring minds and the girls are absorbed in honing their skills in different subjects. Numeracy, reading, literacy, and writing remain the core of the curriculum. Cursive writing becomes the norm, with girls joining words and writing fluently in sentences. The girls are taught by specialist teachers in some subjects, such as information and communication technology (ICT), PE and music.

The partnership between parents and teachers is especially important at this time, with everyone working together to prepare them for their move to the juniors – and the next stage of their education.

School Life


Out of School