Welcome to Kindergarten

Providing strong foundations and a warm and nurturing start for your daughter

What do we provide?

  • High staff to child ratio
  • Experienced, highly qualified and dedicated Kindergarten staff
  • Focus on phonics, reading and mathematics
  • Newly refurbished Early Years outdoor area
  • Specialised teaching for music and PE sessions
  • Strong links with our school community to develop confidence in our girls
  • High quality wrap around care from 7.30am until 6pm

Our Aim

Within a bright, happy and extremely caring environment, we aim to provide an exceptional experience for girls from the very start.  Our pupils are encouraged to develop inquisitive minds and we realise their desire to explore and discover.  They are challenged in academic pursuit as they experience rich learning activities and adapt to exciting aspects of school life. Through daily, small steps they develop their confidence, curiosity and passion for learning and begin their journey to become independent learners.

What to Expect

The first year of school is in Kindergarten.  Pupils may enter Kindergarten during the term that they turn 3 (K1) and places are also available for those who are 4 years old (K2).  The girls then progress to Reception which is the first year of our Infant department.

Bowdon Prep has been granted exemption from the Early Years Foundation Stage. 

The girls learn through a range of play-based activities as well as more formal methods of learning and have many opportunities to develop their independence. We believe that it is important to have a good balance between creative and academic aspects of learning.

Strong School and Parent-Partnerships

We seek to work with parents and pride ourselves on our strong home-school links.  All our staff are on hand to discuss your daughter's wellbeing and educational needs.  We invite our parents into school every Friday to ‘stay and play’.  Parents are also welcomed into school to read a story with the girls or to share an area of knowledge or particular skill.

What we do in Kindergarten 

Our Kindergarten teachers ensure that literacy and mathematics are daily priorities with daily phonic sessions and numeracy activities. The timetable is created to ensure that the skills essential for the core subjects have time to be embedded and flourish. The girls experience a range of teaching and learning environments: whole class teaching and small group work, adult led and child initiated activities, both inside and outside the classroom. All areas of the creative curriculum are explored and artistic and athletic abilities allowed to grow. 

Handy Hands and Funky Fingers in our Dough Gym Sessions - We realise the importance of developing gross and fine motor skills. We have daily activities to strengthen children’s core, hand, arm, shoulder and finger muscles.  These activities will help the girls to become confident writers.

Phonics and Reading Sessions – From the start of Kindergarten the girls are introduced to phase 1 and phase 2 letters and sounds.  From K2 the girls will be given a book to take home to share with their parents. 

School visits and Workshops

The girls in the Kindergarten have frequent visits from companies providing professional workshops in drama and performance. Visitors are invited into school to support the children’s knowledge in a variety of cultural based topics to enhance their learning.

Health and Nutrition

Our Kindergarten girls are all provided with a healthy nutritious fruit snack and lunch each day.  Ingredients are locally sourced and are freshly prepared.  Vegetarian meals are also provided on request.

The School Day

7.30am                     Early Morning Care is available with Activate
8.20am Early Morning Care is available at Rise & Shine
8.40am Staff welcome children into school
12.00 to 1.00pm Lunch
1.00pm Kindergarten morning children are collected from school
3.10pm End of school day for Kindergarten children

Meet The Team

Left to right – Mrs Hagan, Mrs Ward, Mrs Christian, Miss George, Miss Brewer

In an emergency, if you are not able to collect your child, please contact the school office.