Supporting Individual Needs

All children learn at different rates

It is important that girls who require a little extra help are given the support they need to shine. We aim to meet the educational needs of all our girls so that they reach their full social and educational potential.

For those children with special educational needs, including mild learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia, our learning support team provides tailored, effective individual learning programmes, and frequently monitors a child's needs through either small target group intervention or one-to-one support. This may be at an additional cost, depending on the amount of support needed.

Gifted and talented children are identified by their teachers so that they are stretched in the lessons and through extra tuition and additional clubs. Many of these children will be prepared for scholarships to senior independent schools or for the top sets at local maintained grammar schools.

Regrettably, we are not equipped to accommodate children with severe learning difficulties. We assess girls applying to join Prep to evaluate their learning needs, so that we can ensure that we are able to do our best for each child.