School Lunches

Food at lunch time is very important

Nutritious food at lunch time is very important. School meals are intended to give the children a healthy balanced diet and the necessary energy boost in the middle of the day. Most girls have a school lunch. Menus are planned carefully and children are encouraged to try a variety of foods. They are compiled to provide healthy choices that are low in salt, sugar and saturated fat. Fresh food from local suppliers is used wherever practical.

We are a ‘nut free’ school; this means that we do not use nuts in our recipes or allow children to bring nuts or cereal bars containing nuts as part of their school snacks or packed lunches.

Hot dishes, including vegetarian options, are served every day. Pasta, rice or potatoes, and a selection of vegetables, are available each day. There is also a 'help yourself' salad bar.

Yoghurts, fresh fruit, milk and fruit juice are available every day, along with home-made cakes and biscuits, and a hot pudding with custard.

Our Catering Manager is Lynda Abbey.