Welcome to Reception

In Reception we continue to build on the girls' previous learning and understanding by using structured and meaningful activities.

The girls are taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers who value each unique child. Classes are kept small to ensure that pupils are well nurtured, and individual needs are met. Focused teaching and observations ensure that good progress is made by all children. During a typical day, the girls will focus on literacy and numeracy during the morning sessions. French, music, PE, art, and information and communication technology (ICT) are a number of specialist sessions they enjoy in the afternoon, in addition to topic-based learning activities. Reading skills are taught in class and we hear all the girls read every day.

Early in the Reception year there is an introductory talk for parents when we explain the way that we teach reading, and how parents can support their children with reading at home. Parents receive a termly report that summarises their daughter's learning, progress and development. There is also a formal Parents’ Evening each term. This is an opportunity for teachers, pupils and parents to reflect on the term’s learning. On a day-to-day basis, teachers can be contacted by parents before school.

We aim to ensure that the Reception year is a happy and welcoming introduction to school life. We put a lot of emphasis on personal, social and emotional development, which helps girls become happy and confident members of the school family, and allows them to learn how to learn. In Reception there is a strong sense of community, and we work hard to foster a warm, family atmosphere, where everyone feels valued. Small class sizes allow teachers to build long-lasting nurturing relationships with the girls and their families.

A number of girls join the school at the start of the Reception year. They often come from a variety of different nursery settings. Our teachers work closely with the parents and nursery teachers before girls join Reception in September. This is an ideal time to talk to nursery staff and the girls to ensure a smooth transition. In addition to this, pupils are invited into Bowdon Prep for taster days, and an afternoon in the summer term is dedicated to new pupils and their families, when parents have an opportunity to meet and get to know each other before their child starts school and the children are able to spend the afternoon with their teacher in the classroom.