Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Bowdon Preparatory School for Girls is a welcoming and happy place, where people are respectful towards others and the school environment.

We have the highest expectations of ourselves and of others and we are always striving to do better. We are not a selective school; however, high academic achievement is one of our fundamental aims. Therefore the expectation is that all our girls should aspire to achieve maximum academic progress.

In Year 4, we aim to inspire every girl to develop into a confident, well-educated, personable young adult who has enthusiasm for learning. Girls remain in their class groups with a form teacher, but they are are put into ability sets for some lessons so that the more able pupils can be stretched, and those that need support can feel comfortable progressing at a pace that suits them. We aim to nurture individual talents and an enquiring mind. We place a strong emphasis on English, mathematics and science, while offering a broad and balanced curriculum, with most subjects being taught by specialist teachers. We also encourage girls to show a special interest in the environment and enjoy a wide variety of sports and arts. We aim to develop girls who are well rounded, open minded and keen to participate in all aspects of life.

In Year 4, there is a greater expectation that pupils will have a higher engagement in directing their learning. The Year 4 teachers provide girls with a variety of experiences to assist with personal development and the transition into Year 5. Throughout the year they will be involved in many rewarding and enriching activities.

Year 4 Teachers

Mrs Smith, Miss Adams, Mrs Bottrill and Mrs Dooley are the Year 4 form tutors, and they take principal responsibility for the pastoral care of the girls. Mathematics and English are taught by our subject specialists Mrs Smith, Miss Adams, Mrs Dooley and Mrs Bottrill. Science, PE, art, design and technology, French, and information and communication technology (ICT) are also taught by subject specialist teachers. The learning support team works in partnership with the form teachers to ensure that girls make maximum progress and have access to additional support when needed.

The Year 4 welcome booklet contains details of the Year 4 curriculum and the activities that are covered. We have included details about developing children’s reading, writing and numeracy, and specific information about homework and class routines. Click here to view....