Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is a great strength of Bowdon Prep. We pride ourselves on instilling a strong moral code in all our pupils. All staff are passionate about providing a caring environment that nurtures spirituality in every child, and encourages each one to explore the spiritual and moral dimensions of life.

Every single girl is known at Bowdon Prep. We value her individuality and celebrate her achievements. Members of staff work hard to ensure that each pupil feels supported, and they forge strong links with parents and pupils to form a partnership that focuses on the wellbeing of the child. We understand how important it is to have the right support and encouragement during all stages of a pupil's education.

When pupils or parents have concerns, their first port of call is usually the form teacher. Mrs Sharkey, our school secretary, and Mrs Hughes (Head of Pastoral Care) also play significant roles in our pastoral care.

The Headmistress can also be approached at any time. Her study door is always open when she is not in meetings, and children are welcome to pop in. It is important that the girls feel they can talk to someone in school when things are not going well, and that there is someone who can share their triumphs too.

A group of Year 6 girls also take on the role of friendship 'buddies', which means that the younger girls have someone to look out for them and someone they can go to when they feel the need to talk or ask for advice. The friendship mentors meet as a group two or three times each half-term to discuss matters of interest such as play equipment, general friendships or the organisation of the playgrounds.

Personal, social and health education (PHSE) has long been a part of our school's life that has been considered vitally important. The children learn this throughout each and every day, both at school and at home, about themselves and their place in the smaller and wider communities they find themselves in.